ebook anti-virus info

Info about viruses online:

1. Our webhost advises that any ebooks or related files
uploaded and stored on their servers are protected from virus infiltration.

2. Our computer system is protected and updated automatically
with a brand-name anti-virus program to ensure ebook masters
which are uploaded to the host servers have left our offices virus-free.

3. We utilize Linklok services for our ebooks,
which also helps protect from viruses.

4. Our ebooks are wrapped with quality anti-hacking software;
if a virus somehow found its way into your ebook,
this anti-hacking software would notify you.

5. When you use our download links,
you initiate that download from your own computer
using only your own trusted email service
which provides further protection.

6. You should have your own anti-virus program
installed on your computer and set to "auto-update".


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