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How to buy a secure ebook:

Secure ebooks are a little different to purchase
than other types of downloads. A quick scan
through the following details will provide
a brief overview of the process.

Be sure to read all blue and green notes below .

When you choose to purchase
your "download" ebook,
you will download the locked book first,
and then click the "BUY NOW" button
which appears in a small popup on your screen.

You will receive your key online,
with a second copy of the keycode emailed to you.

To start your purchase download,
go to your "BUY NOW" page -->;
there you will find bright blue buttons
clearly labeled "BUY NOW"
for your choice of download purchase.

2) If you choose to purchase
an ebook on CD instead,
click the button above-right
to go to your "BUY NOW" page.

Then, simply locate and click
the BUY NOW button for CD ebook.

You will download your security code file
prior to payment,
and your CD will be mailed to you.

3) To purchase your book in hardcopy format
to be shipped to you,
a white "Add to Cart" button
is provided on your "BUY NOW" page.

--- Be sure to read all text below ---

More about your ebook:

4) Although your free download may be copied
or transferred as many times as you wish,
ebooks are non-transferable.

Important Gift Info:
Any purchased ebook
CD or download

which you do not plan
to use on your current computer

must be purchased through the "manual" option.
Use the "manual order" at bottom of
your "BUY NOW" page.

Any CD or download ebook
may be installed ONLY
on the computer for which it was intended.

5) Our wrap-protected ebooks may lock up
if you install them on a notebook computer:

If you install your eBook on such a computer and then
hook the computer up to a charger or dock,
the ebook may "recode",
immediately -- and permanently -- locking your book.

2004, Copyright cT2, inc., Box 7164,
Minneapolis, Mn 55407
All rights reserved

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