manual ebook payment information ....

Please use this link
if the "buy now" page buttons
are causing you problems.

If they are not,
please return to the "buy now" page---->


If you do need to use "manual purchase",
just make a note of what you want to buy and its price,
write down our manual payment email address (see below),
and then continue on to the PayPal website
by clicking either the
TO PAYPAL" button
or the "
to paypal" text link below.

No need to open a PayPal account!

When you get to the PayPal site,
simply make payment to us by entering
our manual payment email address
which is
in the PayPal payment form
along with your specific payment
and purchase info.

If shipping is required, be sure to include
to whom you would like the item shipped,
and the complete shipping address.

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Minneapolis, Mn 55407
All rights reserved




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