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Dinnerware patterns currently available may include:

  | Antigua | Autumn | Hacienda Gold |
| Hacienda GreenBlue Fancy |
| Cloud Nine | Coronado | Duet | Heritage |
| Jamoca | Madeira | Oasis | Pebble Beach |
| Simplicity | Starburst | Tulip Time |
| More ...

On this page is beautiful  "Hacienda Gold" replacement dinnerware.

Hacienda Gold Franciscan Ware:
Items listed are single-quantity. 
If you are interested in additional pieces, please contact for inventory check.

Hacienda Gold Gravy Boat
with attached underplate; $22.99

Condition Code I
(pristine, "like new")

Item #fraztec1at2005-1
*See shipping details below

Hacienda Gold butter dish
cover only.
Lid only: $19.99

Condition Code I
(pristine, "like new")


Item #froa12010x1
*See shipping details below

FranciscanWare Hacienda Gold

NOTE: This is a mix-and-match set,
also used with Fashion Manor Garland

cup and saucer; $19.99
Discounted 5% to $18.99

Condition Code: I

Quantity available: 1 set total

Item #froa1x1-1
*See shipping details below


Hacienda Gold Saucer
$2.99 each

Condition Code II

Quantity available: 2

Item #frha12 2006x2
*See shipping details below


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Also available:

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Also available:




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Other Franciscan dinnerware patterns which may be in stock:
  | Antigua | Autumn | Hacienda Gold |
| Hacienda GreenBlue Fancy |
| Cloud Nine | Coronado | Duet | Heritage |
| Jamoca | Madeira | Oasis | Pebble Beach |
| Simplicity | Starburst | Tulip Time |
| More ...


A brief history
Gladding, McBean & Co. was founded in 1875 to produce sewer tile for the American West; however,  fame began with production of Franciscan dinnerware in 1934 at their plant in Glendale, California.  Bright colors were used in the design of earthenware pieces in the style of the American Southwest which also reflected the simple and informal style of Mexican folk pottery. Gladding McBean was instrumental in creating the California Style of American ceramics, adopting Spanish names for their lines such as Coronado and Montecito. In the 1930's they introduced new patterns which used a raised relief technique in the ceramic production and were hand painted. Fine china was produced during World War II. The Masterpiece China label appeared in the late 1950s. Masterpiece China was purchased in 1961 by Jacqueline Kennedy for Air Force One and in 1960 by Richard Nixon for the Presidential yacht.
All U.S. production ceased in 1984
following a series of mergers including their 1979 sale to Wedgwood of England.

All patterns are wonderful replacement or collectible pieces,
including cups, saucers, mugs, platters, plates, bowls, pitchers, creamers, sugars, lids,
Gladding McBean Franciscan Dinnerware,
sometimes misspelled Gladden, Gladdin, MacBean
and identified as a California pottery, or California potteries.
If you do not find what you are looking for, please do check back often
for more patterns of the following:
cup, saucer, mug, platter, plate, bowl, pitcher, creamer, sugar, lid.


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