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Specific AOL information relative to PayPal payments

AOL Members:
Due to the variables in AOL's browser,
the "Continue Shopping" button inside PayPal's "View Cart" feature is disabled.

Therefore, when purchasing more than one item,
for the first item, simply click the "add to cart" button
or the "Yes" button
depending on which item you're purchasing;
simply "X" out of your shopping cart to return to your last page.

When you're ready to proceed with checkout
or to add another item to your cart,
just click the "Add to Cart" or "View Cart" button
on the page you're viewing.
When you do so, the PayPal Cart screen will reappear.

If you need to delete an item from your Cart,
simply put an X in the box next to that item within the PayPal cart page
and click "Update Cart".

All of the above will become clear
as you follow the links.



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