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notarynut.com PayPal registration information

You may make payments without registering

but this page has other helpful info
for simply making payments via PayPal.

New PayPal registrants
sometimes experience difficulty with registration.
This is usually due to
not entering their information correctly
while PayPal demands correctness
to ensure security.

Our main PayPal tips:

1)  Have all your ducks in a row before logging on to PayPal's site.

2) Have your credit card (or bank) statement handy showing your mailing address
as well as the way your name is registered
as shown on your statement.

3) If making payment at the same time as you register,
know the exact amount(s) you will need to enter for your purchase(s)
including both item amount(s) and shipping amount(s).

4) Enter all credit card info exactly as shown on your statement,
including middle initial, if any; exact address; exact name usage
(if your credit card came through with your full name, use full name;
if your credit card is issued in initials only, such as "J. J. Jones",
use initials only).
Everything must match,
since PayPal verifies your credit card info,
and the system will not work
without exact info.

A similar procedure is used when paying by echeck
(PayPal holds echecks until cleared).

5) When you register, keep a record of everything you enter.
Did you use all capital letters? Then that's what you must use every time you enter PayPal.
Did you use all lower case letters? Then you must always use lower case.
Did you use some upper and some lower case for email ID or password?
Keep track of exactly how you did this,
and always
type this info exactly as when you first registered.


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