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Shown below:

Top row --
Cody, Nicollet;
middle row -- DeeDee, Rover, Boy Boy, Yellin' Gurley Grau;
bottom row -- Doatsie, Remainder, Meanie Vincent.

Ever wondered what your pet really looks like under that fur,
or tried to tell who's who among some identical-looking dogs or cats?

Even with all that hair, it's possible to recognize any individual animal
by their facial features, just as we recognize people.
And it's often possible to identify gender by facial features.

There are reasons we humans don't normally look at animals this way.

Maeann Koi's eBook explores our human views
with modified line-drawing sketches of 32 real-life animals
to aid in animal identification techniques.
Your choice of ebook protected download, CD, or softcover hardcopy format.

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